: /es’tilo/, [esˈt̪ilo] Del lat, stilus ‘punzón para escribir’, ‘modo de escribir’
1. m. Modo, manera, forma de comportamiento. Tiene mal estilo.
2. m. Uso, práctica, costumbre, moda.
m. Manera de escribir o de hablar peculiar de un escritor o de un orador.
4. m. Carácter propio que da a sus obras un artista plástico o un músico.
5. m. Conjunto de características que identifican la tendencia artística de una época, o de un género o de un autor.
Estilo neoclásico.
6. m. Gusto, elegancia o distinción de una persona o cosa.
Pepa viste con estilo.

Real Academia Española


: /noun : /stīl/ Middle English (denoting a stylus, also a literary composition, an official title, or a characteristic manner of literary expression): from Old French stile, from Latin stilus.

A particular procedure by which something is done; a manner or way. ‘different styles of management’ 1.1  A way of painting, writing, composing, building, etc., characteristic of a particular period, place, person, or movement.‘the concerto is composed in a neoclassical style’ ‘a striking feature of Swift’s style is his use of conjunctions’ 1.2  A way of using language.‘he never wrote in a journalistic style’ [mass noun] ‘students should pay attention to style and idiom’ 1.3  (one’s style) [usually with negative] One’s usual way of behaving or approaching situations.‘backing out isn’t my style’ 1.4  An official or legal title.‘the partnership traded under the style of Storr and Mortimer’ 2 A distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.‘’the pillars are no exception to the general style’ 2.1 A particular design of clothing.‘his shoes were in a style that he could wear anywhere’ 2.2 A way of arranging the hair.‘for a glamorous style, hair was brushed out after setting’ 3 [mass noun] Fashionable elegance and sophistication. ‘the world-famous hotel attracts guests because of its style and taste’ 3.1 A confident, effortless manner or technique.‘he plays with such style’ 4 Botany (in a flower) a narrow, typically elongated extension of the ovary, bearing the stigma. 5 Zoology (in an invertebrate) a small, slender pointed appendage; a stylet. 6 archaic term for stylus 

verb [with object]
Design or make in a particular form.
‘the yacht is well proportioned and conservatively styled’
 Arrange (hair) in a particular way.‘he styled her hair by twisting it up to give it body’
Designate with a particular name, description, or title.
‘the official is styled principal and vice chancellor of the university’

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Nuyork. Nuyorican. New York. Puerto Rican — the pioneer Latinos of the Northeast territories. Nuyork is a nod to the Nuyorican poets, like Tato Laviera, musicians like William Cepeda, singers like Andrés Jimenez, and artists like Yasmin Hernandez. From the Lower East Side to Spanish Harlem; from The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and beyond, with roots stretching to the Caribbean, they came, they inspired. And it is cool to have shared a seat, or a drink with some of them, while navigating through space, time and New York City.

But this is not an essay of that beautiful, ever-growing and seemingly ever-struggling culture.

Currently, this is a showcase of graphic design (layout, logo/branding) and photography (people, fashion), covering a wide range of themes clients, employers, causes, trips, business ventures and studies of wild life — and not just from New York City. That’s it for now.