More is our North, our Prime Directive, our Hope. More is what got us from out the caves to flying helicopters on Mars. More is our spirit animal, the fire in our hearts. More is the workspace of R. Merino Cortés.

Design + Photo + Web portfolio

Current projects, affiliations, and coconspirators:

La Casa de la Herencia Cultural Puertorriqueña
(website, Facebook, Instagram)
Leticia Rodriguez, Executive Director
Nación Boricua (quarterly publication, pre-launch, Facebook, Instagram)
• Library + Archives (pre-launch/fundraising)
• Media Department (pre-launch/fundraising)

José Moura Selections (website, Facebook, Instagram)
José Moura, owner

Estilo Nuyork (quarterly publication, pre-launch, Facebook, Instagram)

Cine Huracán (film/video, archives + new productions, pre-capitalization)

SKO LES (noises, “Volume 1” out soon)